Web Form and Divi Bloom can't get working?


Is anyone here an Elegant Themes Divi user?

I really want to use all the pipedrive functions rather than have a separate email provider. However, to create a web form and somehow get it working in divi theme seems to not be so simple.

I have tried with the html code but while that seems to be the way it 'should' work it's not?

Can anyone help?


  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Justina

    Are you just trying to embed our Web Forms on your page? In this case, we have different guidelines you can try: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/web-forms#share-and-embed

    If you are struggling with a specific setup, you can also reach out to our Support team in-app to learn more.

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    Update - I use Divi. You can use a code module and paste the form embedding code into it. Use their AI coding tool and select "Improve Compatibility". This will rewrite it to show up in Divi. However, it doesn't show up when you are editing, you can only see it when previewing.

    Hope this helps.