Notes not visible in DEAL

We have a team of 4, each member of the team creates DEALS and attaches a relevant company. These notes are visible to all deal members in the DEAL section, but in my instance of Pipedrive, I cannot see these Notes, I can only see them when I link into the COMPANY.

I need to be able to see the notes in the DEAL, so how come there is this glitch and how do I fix it?


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    Hi @Chase

    There may be more than one deal going on depending on the person. Would you try to combine the agreements ?

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    For notes created in a deal to shoe up in the details of a company record that deal needs to be associated with that company record. Notes created in a company record are not pushed down to the deals associated with that company because there could be multiple deals associated with that company and those notes may not be relevant to all the deals.

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    The notes are not created in a Company Field, they are created in a Deal field and all my teammates see them in the Deal field, but I can ONLY see them if I click on the Company field. THis is a glitch which is a real bother for me.