Birthday Field

I'd like to propose some changes to the Birthday field that I believe would be relatively simple to accomplish and benefit a number of people based on previous discussions.

  1. The birthday field needs to be treated like a true date field when exporting to Excel, not a text field. Exporting as a text field makes it very difficult to manipulate the data within Excel.
  2. The birthday field needs to have a way to be filtered within Pipedrive to show only people with birthdays within the previous month/following month/etc. (regardless of the year). The primary use of a birthday field within a CRM is not typical dependent upon the particular year the person was born and is more commonly used as an annual birthday reminder.
  3. The birthday field needs to be used to automatically add an age field that stays relevant based on that birthday.

The current recommended workaround (creating two different text fields to input the Month and Day of their birth date) is do-able, but it requires additional work data entry and results in data that is not as robust as it would be with some simple changes to the existing Birthday field. As it stands right now, the Birthday field is mostly irrelevant, but could be a powerful field with some basic changes that any CRM user would expect.