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It would be great to have this section, where you have a starting point (for example, send the first mail),

then you have intermediate steps.. like see if the lead opens the email or answer it.. if they answer the email, then send the second email, if not, send the first email again.. etc.

And finally, you have the final step (like adding a task to the user if the lead didn't complete all the steps and add a label to the leads that completed all steps).

Last, have some reports about how it did go... 



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    Hi @Francisco Garcia and thank you for your interest!

    We have good news for you: as you may know, Pipedrive has recently added Mailigen's email marketing capacities to our family, which include creating exactly the types of campaigns you described. 

    We are currently working on making Pipedrive and Mailigen seamless, but we already have a synchronization system ready and you can try out Mailigen for free and see how you feel about it.  My colleagues @Gints Branks and @Janis Geranins can help you with any questions you may have.

    Expect more good news about this in early August and at the end of the year. 🚀