Trigger an event after an email is sent

I can't see how to do this, so I'm assuming Pipedrive doesn't support it.

I want to trigger an event after a specific template email is sent.

For example, I send the "welcome to xx product" email and it automatically changes the organisation label to customer and sets a follow up activity 1 week later.

So, the trigger type would be Email template: Sent. The subsequent events would be tied to either the organisation or person.

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  • Why not change the organization label to customer based on the deal being marked as won or some other trigger than an email being sent?

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    I probably gave too simplistic an example. We have 140 email templates which have some fields in them, but because PD doesn't support product fields in emails, we always have to customise them, so that means I can't trigger emails in response to updating fields or deals. So, I need to do it the other way around - I need an email to serve as a trigger for some other update to a profile or deal. That would make the marketing automation side of Pipedrive useful for us; at the moment, it isn't because it's too simplistic.

    For example: if I send email A to a person, change field A, but if I send email B to a person, label them as a customer and assign them to someone else.

    That way, the communications we send drive the status and data of each organisation/person.