Export of emails?

Lindsey Barton
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Is there any way I can export emails that are on a company record? I have managed to export notes and activities relating to certain companies but cannot see any way to export the emails.


  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Lindsey Barton !

    It's not possible to do this from Pipedrive because the email messages you send and receive using Pipedrive don't actually "live" in Pipedrive like Deals do: what you see is a mirror image of the messages being sent and received using your email provider.

    I did some quick research and here's how you can download your emails from two of the most common email providers:

    Hope that helps! 

  • Mark_70703
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    You can actually do export of emails from Pipedrive using Import2 data migration - I know it's a 3rd party tool, but it does solve a problem. 

  • Nicolás Serrano

    Hi @Inês Batata I have users that are disabled from pipedrive and Gmail and their emails are still stored on Pipedrive. How can I access and export that information?