Great Platform. Probably not the right tool for Insurance Agents.

Cody Deck
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Insurance Agent here. I really like how easy it is to create workflows with automation and how user friendly the platform is. I was also happy that I had the ability to grow with the platform and upgrade as needed. 

However, after beginning to organize and input more information I quickly realized that I cannot create products without having a unit price. Since I write pretty much every line of insurance (Health, Commercial, Life, and Personal Lines) and each product price varies on a case by case basis, this platform ultimately will not currently work for the insurance industry. 

I've got to be able to go into a customer and quickly be able to see what products they have with me and which insurance carrier they are with to keep my data precise and maximize my efficiency. 

On top of coming to this realization I have been having calendar syncing issues with an Office 365 account from GoDaddy and using Outlook (support is working on this issue for me but I believe it is a moot point in my situation). Hopefully my feedback helps!

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    Hi @Cody Deck , thank you for your feedback and for detailing your workflow!

    The unit price in the Products List is meant to be a "standard price of reference" for that item or service, which can be changed when you add a Product to a deal. The deal will assume the default price from the product list, but you can manually change the price of that product in that deal without changing its standard list price.

    You can also create price variations for the same Product, see here: Can I have one product in different price variations?

    We are also working as we speak to make it easy to filter out a list of all Products associated with certain Deals (for example, deals linked to a particular Organization). I will reinforce your feedback about this internally with our team.

    Regarding Calendar Sync, please keep in touch with our Support team, as they are the best people to help and guide you with your case. Thank you so much!