Make Voice Notes Available on Desktop & Add AI Transcription/Summarization

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One of the biggest challenges for any organisation using a CRM is getting team members to leave adequate notes on deals and activities.

While some people do this naturally, for others where writing isn't a strong point it can be quite difficult. For example, we have a couple of dyslexic team members who can communicate in great detail verbally, but struggle to do the same thing in writing.

Inadequate notes can result in a lot of mistakes, wasted time and extra communication outside the CRM - for example in Slack or by phone - to clear up something that should've been obvious just by looking at the deal.

Voice notes can be a great way to bridge this gap, and help organisations waste a lot less time on unnecessary additional communication.

The Pipedrive mobile app has had a voice notes feature for years, and it's very useful for mobile team members. However somehow this has never made it into the browser based version of Pipedrive and it seems like a huge missed opportunity.

In the last year, AI based transcription and summarization has become an incredibly powerful tool being adopted by many software tools.

Loom have recently rolled out a number of upgrades in this regard - video captures are automatically transcribed with high accuracy, and further improved by automatic removal of filler words like "um" and "uh". In addition, the content is summarized by LLM AI in the video title, description and chapters of the main topics underneath the video.

Slack have a voice notes feature that automatically transcribes and breaks the voice note into timestamps. Clicking on any part of the transcribed text jumps you forward or back to that section. This makes it incredibly easy for the receiver to understand the content... if they prefer reading they can do that, and click on any sections that don't make complete sense to hear the original audio.

It would be amazing to see a similar implementation in Pipedrive for activity notes and deal/contact notes.

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