Suggestions (in order of preference)

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1) Please allow us to include a double-opt-in link after signup on the web form. This will prevent spam signups from continually sending emails that require an unsubscribe action from the unsolicited email.

(requested for over two years:

2) Allow customers to resubscribe on their own. Currently once unsubscribed, always unsubscribed, even if the user tries to sign up with the web form again. I was told on support chat that I have to contact Pipedrive and have them manually switch this for me.

3) On the web form, when an already subscribed customer fills the form out again but leaves the consent for promotion emails unchecked, nothing changes. They are still subscribed to promotional emails. If they leave that unchecked, send them an email saying do you really want to unsubscribe to the list?

Thank you.