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We are designing a golf tee time booking service which will involve a WordPress website with a calendar on the front end and possibly Pipedrive on the backend. Is it possible to publish a Pipedrive calendar to a Wordpress site? If we use a WP calendar plugin, is it possible to integrate that with calendar on Pipedrive?


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    Hi @Greg Lipper

    You can use the Pipedrive scheduler feature on a website to set your availability- using the "Pick times" section, you can embed this feature into your website! You can see where to get this embed link here-

    For the general Availability, we do not have a direct way to share this in a website but there is a workaround using iframe that would allow you to embed General Availability into your website. Here’s an example of how that can be achieved -

    If this doesn't work for you and you are looking for a different integration, we also have an integration with Calendly here!

    If you do not use any of these features, but have events booked in a provider's calendar, you can use the Pipedrive Calendar sync feature to share events from your provider to Pipedrive. You can see more on Calendar sync here!

    I hope this helps!