How to create new customer automation

I'm trying to set up a workflow automation that works as such:

Trigger: New organization created.

Condition: Organization must have at least 1 won deal.

Action: Person assigned activity to reach out.

I set it up but cannot get it to work. Does anyone have suggestions for a different way to do this? The only issue I can think of is I need to make the trigger based on the deal status changing to won.



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    If I'm understanding this right; you would like the automation to be triggered for a deal that already exists and has just been won? If so,

    First - I would make sure Org is required on manual L/D creation (I believe it usually if not always, is), if you want some leway on knowing a contacts Org right away, I suggest having an automation that creates a placeholder organization in tandum with new leads/deals (one automation per app if you want to do this for both) being added (just bc it will save you time with the tedious stuff & you'll just have to replace LLC name, address, etc. - whatever is required for your business type). That one will be easy, Trigger = Lead Created (or Deal created) || Condition = (*personal pref: if you have multiple automated lead/deal flows & only want this for certain items than I would ref a feild that is specific for that type of lead/deal... otherwise no condition or ref a standard required field, e.g. Person Name is not empty) || Action = Create Organization (fill req fields with temporary info like Org Name = NO LLC - [Person Name] to remind yourself to enter them after; and very important: make sure to automate (1) [update/create org] Linked Lead/Deal = step 1 created Lead/Deal , (2) [update/create org] Linked Person = step 1 created Person/Contact , & (3) *[update] (Created Lead/Deal) Linked Org = step (2 or 3 dependant on if you used a conditon prior) created Org. Side note: in the event that you have employees, but are also entering the leads/deals yourself - make sure that you are either: (A) manually assigning the leads to the correct lead 'owner' - in Deals this field is labeled 'Assigned to' OR (B) taking advantage of the auto-assign tool. This is needed for the system to know who to assign the activity to in the "Second" automation below. If you are riding solo OR if they are entering all of their own leads/deals by hand than they should automatically make you/them the 'owner'. <<< I know this explaination was super basic & long but prepping + keeping data relationships healthy are the biggest keys to avoiding future confusion🛸.

    Second [or maybe First if you don't need the above] - for the flow you're asking for ( just to reiterate both the: item (lead/deal) 'owner' AND the organization + contact + lead/deal relationships are everything, MAKE SURE THEY REFERENCE EACH OTHER 😉 ) you will want to do the following:

    TRIG: Deal Updated

    CON: has changed to - 'won'

    [side note: if you want specific information to transfer over to the follow-up activity - e.g. name, phone, address, notes, pricing, specified deal date-fields (deadlines), or anything else of that naure; you'll want to either make those fields required on-or-before the last step in the pipeline (easy, but flawed if they can 'win' a deal at any point in the pipeline) OR create a Third workflow to un-win the deal & leave a note if the fields needed are blank & also set a condition in the Second step that those fields are not empty which stops the Action if false (extra steps, but a good precaution to make sure you/your team do not accidentally leave a necessary piece of the puzzle out)]


    Create Activity [you'll want to ✔️ include fields: Done, Assigned to, Any other fields [as stated above] & (if I understand correctly) Linked Organization (you can also link & the won Deal here if you want to quickly reference it. my personal preference is linked people, especially if there are additional people in an organization; but again, this all depends on what your business does). Activity fields below...

    → Activity Subject [up to you. example of what I'd do w/ the token dropdown]: New Deal Outreach: [Person/Org Name]

    → Type [again, up to you, but you can use the completion of a certain activity type as a trigger for another automation. personally I'd create a custom activity type like this]: New Deal First-Contact

    → Due Date [^same, I'd suggest day-of so it goes red the next]: The Next Day

    → Done: No

    → *Assigned to: (click the dropdown menu>step options) (1) Deal owner

    → Linked Org/Person/Deal/etc. [you can do this for more than one so it shows up in multiple places]: (click dropdown - good to note that you can link multiple contact people) (1) Deal Organization (Person/Deal/etc).


    [Name and/or label the WF]

    BONUS: I learned from a better man long-ago to start all workflows with an app-dependant numbering system - e.g. 0000 New Lead Created, 0001 New Lead Pre-Format.... 1000 New Deal Activities..... 1102 Deal Lost Action.... 3002 Prep New Product Email.................... [when you want to find/sort through all WFs triggered by a certain app, you just have to sort by asc alphabetical order]

    *If you have a team that you want the flow to affect - change the dropdown before the trigger to 'Triggered by any user'

    ✨ SAVE ✨


    Hopefully I understood you right & this works with your PD format! Let me know if you need any tweaks or if I misunderstood, GOOD FRIGGIN LUCK!

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    Thanks for your response - it's almost what I'm looking for. Is there a way to apply it only to deals marked won that also have a new customer? A lot of our deals come from existing customers, so I don't want this to create a trigger every time a deal is created - only if the deal is for a NEW customer.