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Is there a contract solution that allows the client to input their business information directly into the contract, without the need for manual mapping and labeling of text fields in the contract template?

I am aware that we can prefill this information from organization fields and custom fields, but the sales team is reluctant to change the current process, where the client sends the initial version of the contract with all their data.


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    Hey @marina m 👋

    I guess that might be possible with Smart Docs. If you were to generate the template, you could then just share it with a client:

    From there, they can download it and use a PDF editor to add info. Then, they could send it over to your team, and the team can copy the info and add it to a new document. After, they can request signatures (if you use that feature). It does feel like a bit of work, but it might work for your team!

    I'm not sure if there's an external tool that can do that, but you always check for that in our Marketplace: there might be something available that suits your needs :)

    Hope this helps!