Connect custom field to multiple objects?

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I want to create a custom field, for example "referral". I want to add this field primary to "Organization" and secondoy to contact. Is this possible?

So for example, when i enter any information to this field in organization, this information (or field) should also be shown in contact without filling it again.



  • Sophie
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    Hi @guuyef!

    You can definitely create the custom field "referral" for both Organizations and Contact People, however, since an Organization can have multiple contacts connected to it, there isn't a straightforward way to automate copying the field over from an Organization to a Contact Person. (Because the automation won't know which contact person to update)

    However, this can be done with "Person" type custom fields for an organization! Here is what I did-

    The only thing here is, that before you fill out this "referral" field on the Organization, you must first fill out the "referral person" field on the Organization. Without doing this first, your automation will fail because it doesn't know who to copy the data to.

    Here is a test showing the end result-

    I hope this helps!