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Lukas DIW
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Hi, I'm trying to do automation via make (integromat).


1. an email arrives at a certain address - via Make it is looked up via IMAP

2. it looks to see if there is a Person and Organisation in the PD

3. if it is, assigns, if not create.

4. creates a lead or deal and puts the mail in it.


Up to point 3 everything is OK, but I can't add the received email to the Deal because it is added to an existing thread, but since the Deal was just created in Make, there is no thread...

I can only add a note to the Deal and put the email in it, that's not a very nice solution.

If I wanted to add a note to the Lead, that's not possible, Make only supports a note to the Deal.

I don't know if I'm incompetent, or if such a simple thing just can't be done?

Thanks for any advice :)


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