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  1. I would like that when a signature request document was sent that the sender could be notified by email each time that the document is opened. I really like that about Better Proposals. The notification in Better proposals also tells what type of device was used to view. PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc.
  2. It would be very convenient if the fillable fields, signature, text, etc. would stay in the template so that they did not need to be placed in every new document that was made from a template. this should also retain the settings such as if its a required field or not. It would be very tedious having to place those with every new document.

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    +1 for both. Especially for 2. In PandaDoc, the template looks like this:

    The way it is today you have to add the signature manually all the time to the same place.

    Annoying when it comes to checkboxes: