Custom fields API regression

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We are having a regression regarding the API to update custom fields.

curl --location --request PUT '' \
--header 'Cookie: __cf_bm=SOMEVALUE=' \
--form 'options[0]['\''label'\'']="testApiFieldNewValue"'

The suggestion has been sent by the support (who refusing to help at this point) to switch to JSON it does not work either (unlike the user mentioned below).

Even if it worked, we are using a PHP wrapper that doesn't let us switch easily how data is sent.

Other elements:

  • Our CI crashes after the first push that follows the resolution of 5th September incident
  • Another user reported the issue for the person fields end point, it seems very similar.

Like this user we haven't changed anything in our code. It would seem fair that the compatibility should be maintained Pipedrive side.




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    Hi @__fm__

    For API-related questions, we recommend you reach out to the Developer's community here so our developers can assist with this! 🙂

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