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Mahesh Ramasubramanian
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Dear team, first up, thank you so much for creating a wonderful product that is Pipedrive. 

I have a question with respect to the ‘Smart Search’ feature. This is really a very cool feature. But I realize that I have to click on the green smart search button each time for each contact and each organization. Is there a way to automate this instead? Because while I think this feature is great, it is painful to go organization by organization and contact by contact and click on smart search.

Hope you can suggest an easier way.



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    Hi @Mahesh Ramasubramanian !  

    Thank you for your kind words, it makes us very happy to know PIpedrive makes your life easier. 

    The reason why Smart Contact Data has to be activated separately as a feature and the user is the one who makes the decision to use it on a case-per-case basis (per Person/Organization) is because having it automatically active by default might make at least some of our users involuntarily break GDPR compliance, which is of course not beneficial to anyone.

    See the last part of our tutorial about the feature:

    Smart Contact Data and the GDPR 

    Smart Contact Data is opt-in and Pipedrive in no way automatically stores or uses the data beyond what is necessary for performance purposes. Therefore, in terms of the GDPR, Pipedrive is the data processor and thus the user (that’s you!) is the data controller responsible for how the data is used and stored. As the data controller, when it comes to the GDPR you must make sure that you are compliant with the GDPR and other data storage regulations.


    Hope that helped it make more sense!