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It would be great if you offered more than one signature for emails. I have multiple businesses and would love the option!

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  • Leo
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    This is a must. If Pipedrive is offering multiple email inboxes via Pipedrive then clearly each email added will require it's own signature and footer.

    I have to assume this is in development as it is a vital part of a sales inbox.

    Brilliant idea!

  • It would be great if we had feedback on Leos's post here - its imperative to have that for the Shared inbox to be utilized.

  • Pschwegler
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    +1 for this feature. The signature should change depending on the "from" that we choose, like Outlook works.

  • Brand2
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    I legitimately think Pipedrive is not focused on spending time to upgrade CRM functionality. Seems to be more focused on things like campaigns etc. Their suggestion for this would be to upgrade and get a second account.