Pipeline: Track Same Stage Across Multiple Pipelines

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Currently, each time a new Pipeline is created the stages entered are all recognized as new stages even if the same stages have been used in previous Pipelines. This means that when you create a report in Insights to look up the same stage across all of your Pipelines, the stages are not grouped and the reporting is not accurate. For example, I use the same stage on 5 different Pipelines and unfortunately that same stage shows up 5 different times on the same Insights report.

Please make it so that the same exact stage can be used across all Pipelines to make Insights more accurate and Pipelines can be compared to each other.

Thank you!


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    It would surprise me if future updates would accommodate consolidating multiple stages from different pipelines into a single report category. It sounds to me that you may be using 5 separate pipelines when what may be more practical with the system is to use filters in a single pipeline.