Pipedrive Lead Scoring

It will be very useful and interesting if Pipedrive builds a lead scoring system where a lead is assigned a score based on some factors such as

  • Customer engagement: Which involves engagement with email campaigns sent to the customer, if they opened their emails, if they register or subscribe to the campaigns and so on.
  • Where the lead is coming from? (Lead source)

Each criteria will carry its own score, and the total score aggregated in the lead score column.

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  • Andrus Purde
    Andrus Purde Member Posts: 119
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    Hi @Benedict,

    This is a pretty common request and I know Pipedrive has mentioned researching this on this very community. While they're still researching / building you could use 3rd party lead scoring tools such as Outfunnel (disclaimer: where I work) that offers lead scoring for Pipedrive, Salespanel, or others.

  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
    Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz) Member Posts: 1,443
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    Highly recommend @Andrus Purde suggestion.

    Please don't wait for Pipedrive to do this.

  • Benedict
    Benedict Member Posts: 4
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    Thanks alot @Andrus Purde for the suggestion, i tried using out funnel, although it works but it sadly doesn't integrate with pipedrive's inbuilt email campaigns, which is what we use for our email campaigns and a very imporant lead score factor, it also doesn't integrate with pipedrive's inbuilt adverts.