Integrate products to webforms

I would like to get the possibility to integrate products into webforms. This enables the customer to directly choose his products and and getting this reported into the deal. Today we have to add the products by hand to each of the deals.

it would definitely make the automation / creating offers process much easier.

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  • Miguel CC
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    Hello, I'm trying to simplify our current landscape of tools and evaluating Webforms within Leadbooster.

    Today we have a form (from Wufoo provider) embedded in our website, and with the help of Zapier we can create the deal in Pipedrive.

    As of today, It is checking if the person exists in Pipedrive and if yes, the new deal is assigned to the user resposible for that person.

    Also, on the form the costumer is able to select the product is interested, and the deal in Pipedrive is created already with the product assigned (with help from Zapier). Is this possible with webforms? Does it have the capability to create the deal with products in?


  • cooper22
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    Integrating products directly into webforms is a fantastic way to streamline and automate your sales process, making it more efficient and customer-friendly. With this feature, customers can easily select the products they want, and the information is then seamlessly integrated into the deal. This not only reduces manual data entry but also enhances the overall user experience.

    By implementing this integration, you can significantly improve the automation of your sales and offer creation process. This will result in quicker response times and a smoother transaction experience for your customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

    Additionally, from an SEO perspective, if your business is based in Glasgow and you're looking to target local customers, it's important to ensure that your website and webforms are optimized for local search. SEO Glasgow in your webform content and meta tags to improve your online visibility within the Glasgow area.

    In summary, integrating products into webforms is a great way to enhance your sales process, reduce manual work, and improve customer satisfaction. When combined with local SEO optimization, it can help you attract more customers in the Glasgow area and beyond.

  • Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco
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    Here Pedro, Engineering Manager of the Products feature.

    We have this item in the backlog but we haven't prioritized in order to solve other problems like Products + Subscriptions. We will consider it in the future. Thanks 🙏