How to prevent outgoing calls (from PD App) to create n event in calender?

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Hi all,

I use the Pipedrive App so make calls from my iphone.

Everytime I make a call, Pipedrive creates an event in my calender:

How can I stop this?!


  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @guuyef - In your calendar sync settings you should be able to turn off the syncing of specific event types. If you do not sync "Call" activity types, this will likely do the trick.

    - Liz

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  • guuyef
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    Hi Liz,

    thx for helping.

    Does this only effect my calls or also my manual created activities.

    For example, I created an acitivity "Follow-Up-Call" (its really a phone call). I deactived the sync. When I am in a Session with my client I manually create this event in the deals acitvity and I want to sync this call acitvity to my calender. So it´s a manual process

    Now, on the planed date, I go to my App and call this Client. the Call will not be synced, right?