Automation Email Alerts from a Shared Mailbox


We have a number of email alerts set up via Workflow Automation, but they are all currently under my own account. These are internal emails to notify leadership of won deals, and I would really like to be able to have these sent from a shared mailbox.

What options or ideas does anybody have about how to set this up? Our 365 accounts are managed by a 3rd party IT, and shared mailboxes usually require SMTP and further authorisation rather than just an email address and a password.

I'd really welcome any advice.


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @Chris.Potter 👋

    We currently have the option to sync multiple email accounts, so I believe the right approach starts there. In your Pipedrive account, you can sync a second email account and then use that for your automation.

    Here's an article on how to sync a second account:

    Regarding the connection type, it sounds doable! The email sync feature is compatible with major providers and with any custom account syncing through generic IMAP via an SSL connection. We have a list that might also help, check it out :

    Alright so let's say you managed to sync up a second account, great! Now you can make that your default one and it will use that email account when sending automated emails

    Now, this means that any email automation will use the default email account, so if you have more than one automation that would send an email, that is something to consider.

    I hope this helps! If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to our Support team :)

  • Chris.Potter
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    Hi Costa - thank you for that information. I think that would work if it was an email account that had a standard security login, but an Office 365 shared mailbox has additional security so I wouldn't be able to use a login and password as usual. Unless Pipedrive has guidance on how to sync a shared mailbox?

  • Some Steve
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    You can add password to a M365 shared mailbox and login as that. I'm currenlty doing that with two shared M365 mailboxes.