Web Forms Should Pull from Existing Records

Josh Monifi
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Hi Pipedrive! I have an idea on how to make Web Forms a little better.

We use Web Forms for a variety of uses (and we love it!). One of those uses is to gather leads from internal folks (most of which do not have a Pipedrive account). Our current Lead Intake form has a field for the lead's Company (organization) and while it is an Organization Web Form field, the form creates a new Organization every time.

Better process: if there was an option to make this field actually do a lookup of existing Orgs in the system, and if it doesn't find something, only then it should create a new Org.

To explain this a bit more...

  • Current: Someone fills out the web form field, entering "Food Company in LA, CA", then I or someone else has to go in and merge that new company with the existing "Food Company - Los Angeles, CA" record, so that our sales team can see our history with this existing contact.
  • New proposed process: Someone fills out the web form and types in Food Company, then they see there is the LA location they are looking for, and selects it from the dropdown. Done!

Happy to discuss further if needed. Thanks!

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