Option for Marketing Status as a Required Field


I really like the option in a Form to have people fill out the checkbox for accepting that we send them marketing information.

However, it needs to be possible to make this a required field. In other words, if the Form was for signing up to a newsletter. I should be able to make checking the marketing status checkbox mandatory. If a user does not check the checkbox, the user will not be able to send the Form. This is quite common, and makes a lot of sense.

As an example. If a user signs up to our newsletter, but forgets to check the checkbox, they have not signed off on receiving marketing information. Then we have to either discard them, or go through an extra proces flow to get them to accept marketing information. This is very tedious.

It should simply be possible to ensure, that people signing up for a newsletter in a Form, is required to check the marketing status checkbox.


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