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Having more trigger and action options in the Automation would be amazing.

I want to have a trigger option for when a document is signed and from there I can setup actions to send an email to the accounting as well as another one to an SDR, then create an asana task for another person and so on, to basically automate ~4 hours out of our work schedule.

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    @Damjanbiz in the absence of this trigger, you can still build most of the automation you're talking about through a user performing one manual update. For example, when a document is signed, you could have a user update a custom field "Contract Signed" to "Yes" or move the deal into a new stage (e.g. Contract Signed). This field update and/or stage change could trigger and email to the SDR, an email to accounting, create the Asana task, etc.

    If you're open to using a different signing tool - for example, PandaDoc, there is the "Document Signed" trigger and this could be fully automated for you.

    If you would like additional support, feel free to reach out.

    - Liz

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