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Hi product team, the notification function is available just for the total form, what happened in case I need to notify just from an item from a drop down field? If you select from a list of depts (HR, Financial, Support, etc) the system should send the notification just to that person (user or not) associated to that dept. The same for different kind pf business in a multiple porfolio of services (Service 1 to person 1, services 2 to person 2....) even if the person is not an user, the webform should notify anyone inside or outside the company, user's name or incase is not user just its email. Also the webform should just send the notification and not create a prospect in some cases, in the webform design area should be an option to define if it is a prospect or not.

With automatic assignment is not possible for non user persons.

We can solve this with some development, any suggestion or any other solution just using Pipedrive ?

Nice to have

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