Sales Inbox - lacking key functionality?

Mark Haller
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Hi all

I'm trying to use the Sales Inbox to make sure emails are linked to the correct Deals, so no conversations are missed while progressing a Deal.

Many times, the email is not linked to a Deal automatically (emails missing on person, etc - usual stuff) ... so I have OVER 100 EMAILS that I want to link.

I see MY NAME in the first column. I DO NOT SEE the recipient name. I have to click into the Deal, scan the recipient, and then go over to the right to search for and link to the Deal.

I would like:

  • The recipient name as a column (or optional to choose as an additional column if not everybody wants it)
  • Ability to sort by column (so this new recipient column)
  • Ability to BULK ACTION - link to Deal - as a minimum

Am I doing something really wrong that has led to this? Surely the Pipedrive didn't miss such basic functionality as it's rendering my ability to use PD as a sales tool pretty miserable just now. Right now, I will spend a few minutes a day matching up - but doing very little and not making much headway on the huge sales inbox.


  • MC
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    Any reply to (or fix for) this yet @Mark Haller ? We're evaluating Pipedrive so this is very concerning.