Looking for text integration


I need to find something that will easily:

1- Allow me to send and receive texts through Pipedrive

2- Allow me to automate outbound texts in the same manner that outbound emails can be automated.

Are there any options out there?


  • J.A.N. (Themakers)

    Hi @James_74080 ,

    Interesting case! Regular text messages are not possible as far as I know. Whatsapp used to be possible but I think it was a BETA and seems that it's not available anymore.

    You can find that info here: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/messaging-inbox

    Sor short answer, with Pipedrive only not possible. But there is a Twilio integration for Pipedrive which makes it possibe to receive and send message from Pipedrive. For the campaign , you should then setup a journey in Twilio.

    Hope this helps for you!

  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)

    Hi @James_74080 - This article covers telephony options that provide these features:

  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @James_74080 -

    I recommend using Textline. It works great for your regular SMS and then if you combine with Zapier, you will also be able to send your automated messages via Textline. I’ve used this with several clients and had great results.

    Please feel free to reach out if you would like additional support.

    - Liz

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  • James_74080
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    Thanks. I will look at that.

  • David Gurr (Make.com)

    Hi @James_74080

    Make has prebuilt connectors for 48 different solutions that provide SMS (as well as Pipedrive!).

    Here's an example template that sends an SMS using Infobip when a new Deal is added in Pipedrive:

  • PipedriveExperts.com

    Good morning,

    I am a Pipedrive partner, and I also use Pipedrive in my own businesses.

    I solve this problem using JustCall.io, and I happen to be a JustCall reseller as well.

    In the following screenshot you can see that a single click suffices to either dial a number, or send an SMS.

    In many parts of the world, the phone number you use with JustCall can be your current cell number (or any number that you port to JustCall). For myself, I created two new numbers which became my "business numbers" and now I no longer publish my personal numbers. The JustCall apps, on Desktop and on Mobile, are always fully synched with all activity logs. Similarly all activities (call/SMS, inbound and outbound) are recorded in every Deal, Organization and Person.

    Running an SMS campaign would require some additional work. Having it be auto-trigerred requires a little more sophistication, but both of these things can be done.

    I would be happy to share my JustCall referral link with you, if requested, for which I earn a modest commission. In exchange I will offer to help setup and configure your accounts with you at no charge (with certain sensible limits).

    Have a good week.

    Joseph Valenti

  • James_74080
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    Thanks, Joe.

    Yes, I would be interested in understanding more.

    Can you share your link here or would you prefer to send it to my email?

  • PipedriveExperts.com

    Hi James,

    I hesitate to share the link here for both security and other reasons.

    I cannot see your email address in your profile, and I assume that you cannot see mine either. My address is







    Comment: before you get too far ahead, please take a look at the pricing page on JustCall dot io. For the Pipedrive integration, you will need the Team plan, with its minimum of two users. Of course you may also choose either the Pro or Business plan if they suit you.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and I will be happy to get you set up.


    joe @PipedriveExperts.com

  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)

    Hi @James_74080 - Joe's recommendation is the best because JustCall also offers a number of other features apart from texting (like calling and conversation intelligence).

    For others in the same boat, I have written this article for more options for texting with Pipedrive: