Add email address and update contact - Sales Inbox linking trigger?

Mark Haller
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I've realised that for many Sales Inbox emails I've synced to Pipedrive, they aren't matching to the Deals.

So I've then gone and looked at the Deal and then either the person I've emailed isn't linked to that Deal ... or the person is missing their email address!

Question - my feeling is that emails are only automatically linked to deals when they go into Pipedrive and there's no trigger again later. Can I manually trigger the Sales Inbox to link to deals and people at a later stage?

If not within the core product, how do I do this? (see my other recent comment about the Sales Inbox being about as useful as a chocolate teapot)


  • Mykola Zhuk
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    Hello, Mark

    In Pipedrive, you have the ability to manually link emails to deals and contacts that were not automatically associated. You can manually enable the "Sales Inbox" folder and link it to the corresponding deals and contacts as follows: Log in to your Pipedrive account. Navigate to the "Email" section, usually found in the main menu.

    Activate the "Sales Inbox" folder: In the "Email" section, locate the option for "Sales Inbox" or a similar name that allows you to route emails to this folder.

    Select emails to link: Review the emails in the "Sales Inbox" folder and choose the ones you want to link to deals and contacts.

    Link emails to deals and contacts: Choose the option to link the emails and select the relevant deals and contacts with which they are associated.

    Save the changes.

    This allows you to manually link emails to existing deals and contacts in Pipedrive, and they will be displayed accordingly in the system. Keep in mind that it requires some manual effort but provides precise control over which emails are associated with specific deals and contacts.

  • Mark Haller
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    Hi Mykola

    Thanks for the response but it's not what I was looking for - and re-reading my question I wasn't clear!

    I am wanting to TRIGGER a mass automated check / sync after tidying up email address of contacts on Deals. So -

    Go into Pipedrive, create some deals, add people but forget to add email addresses.

    Write lots of emails to those people. Make sure Sales Inbox is working. I can see emails that are not linked.

    Go into the people and add the correct email addresses.

    TRIGGER the Sales Inbox update - so those emails will automatically link to the correct people and associated deals.