How do I have a Contact field automatically inherit a field from the Organization level?

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I am utilizing the Lemlist integration, which requires any custom fields used to be at the Contact level. The field I want to pull in is an "Insight" that I have added to the Organization level. I want that Insight to be inherited at the Contact level for any contact tied to that Organization. I spoke with support, and they said I cannot simply setup a trigger workflow. Thoguhts?


Organization name = ABC Company

Contact name = Bob Jones

Insight = "Did you know you have five negative employee reviews that have not been responded to?"

I add the Insight at the company level for ABC Company. Then I research and add Bob Jones and other contacts. As I am adding the contacts, the "Insight" field on the contact level will be updated to whatever it is at the company level. If I change the Insight for ABC Company, then it should update for Bob Jones and other contacts under ABC Company.


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