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My app was approved and got listed on Public marketplace of Pipedrive. But when I am installing the app, it redirects me to my product's Sign-Up page and after entering the credentials, it get's logged in inside my product. It is not getting installed and I can't use it's functionality. Can you guide me with the process ?


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    I'm following up on my previous post regarding the integration issue with my app in Pipedrive. To recap, my app was approved and listed on the Public Marketplace of Pipedrive. However, I've encountered an issue where, upon attempting to install the app, it redirects me to my product's Sign-Up page. After entering the credentials, it logs me into my product instead of completing the installation process. This issue is preventing me from utilizing the app's functionality within Pipedrive.

    I've not received any responses or guidance on this matter so far. I'm reaching out once more in the hopes that someone in the community or from Pipedrive support may be able to provide assistance or insights to help resolve this issue.

    If anyone has experienced a similar situation or can offer guidance on the installation process, your input would be greatly appreciated.