How to Integrate Pipedrive and Xero using Make


Every Pipedrive/Xero customer has differing requirements when it comes to the data that flows between the two systems. 

What triggers the data flow? Is it a batch process, or instantly for every change? What data is transferred? And in which direction?

It’s almost impossible to find a direct integration that covers 100% of every customer’s needs. Make allows you to implement complete business processes from end-to-end with connectors for over 1,600+ apps, including Pipedrive and Xero. You can add multi-step workflows including lead generation, data storage and email marketing  – or any of the other tools you can connect using Make..

Templates can get you started quickly for common use cases, and our visual builder allows you to build, expand, and scale bespoke workflows that suit your use cases.

What will you get with Make

Make doesn’t just provide a simple, linear flow. You can easily implement decision processes with if/then/else branching and handle data arrays such as line items or child objects through iteration. Error handling is easy and reliable.

For most workloads, Make is the most cost-effective solution you’ll find for workflow automation. The plan you choose might well have capacity for implementing other workflow automations in your business too, and if you need more, you can always purchase more operations without having to change plans.

Common use cases involving Pipedrive and Xero

A simple example of a useful Pipedrive-Xero integration is automatically creating Contacts in Xero from new Persons in Pipedrive. 

The template below (a pre-built solution that you can deploy as a scenario in just a few clicks) watches for new Persons to be created in Pipedrive and then automatically creates them as Contacts in Xero.

A variation on that theme is to watch for new Organizations in Pipedrive and to create Contacts in Xero for all the Persons in each new Organization, as implemented in this template:

You can also customize the scenarios you generate from these templates to your exact requirements. Maybe you only want to add Xero Contacts for Organizations with a specific custom field value. Or perhaps you need to exclude Organizations based in certain countries. You can easily add filters in Make to only pass the Organizations or Persons you’re interested in!

For a more advanced example, here’s a template that checks for new Deals in Pipedrive that have reached a certain stage:

If the Contact doesn’t yet exist in Xero, Make will create it, and then create the invoice in Xero including all the Product line items from the Pipedrive Deal.

How to get started with Make

The easiest way to get started with Make is to through the Xero listing on the Pipedrive Marketplace – click the “Proceed to install” button. 

If you want to learn how to use Make, the Make Academy offers a simple course plan that teaches you the basic principles, step by step. 

For community self-help, the Make Community is full of people who are willing to share their expertise.

Sign up for your Make account and get started today. Better Pipedrive-Xero automations await!