Call logging android - troubleshooting

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I want to get the answer. If only I have such problem.

  1. I'm using the newest version of Android APP
  2. I've configured the app accordingly -
  3. PROBLEM - some of my call's are not logging in
  4. I've exchange 47 emails with pipedrive to resolve this issue, and we didn't get any closer to a solution.

WHY some of my phone are logged and others are not


  • Sophie
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    Hi @jmusialek,

    I reviewed your previous conversations with support and it looks like we have all of the details of your case gathered, however, our engineering team requested some more information that we never received from your end. Once you are able to gather these additional details, please reply back in the support thread or open a new chat with support and we would be happy to look into this issue with you. Unfortunately, without that additional information, our engineers have confirmed that we can not further help with the issue you are experiencing. To continue to work on this, please provide the required information and we would be happy to pass this back to our engineering team to investigate. Hopefully, with this information, we will be able to come to a solution soon, thank you!