How to sync Project Templates?

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When we first started using Projects, we set up a basic template to get a feel of the system.

But in the past 2 months we have added to it and now the projects that were created earlier are not up to date. We most probably have 40 that need updating.

Does anyone know if there is some way that we can sync the changes to the rest of the Projects?



  • Mykola Zhuk
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    Hello, Barnetc

    There isn't a direct built-in feature in Pipedrive to automatically synchronize changes made to a template across all existing projects. Each project created from a template in Pipedrive is essentially a snapshot of the template at the time the project was created. When you update a template, changes won't automatically propagate to existing projects created based on that template.

    To update existing projects based on the modified template, you'll need to manually make changes to each project individually. Here's the suggested approach:

    Revise the template: First, ensure you have an updated template with all the changes you want to apply to existing projects.

    Identify projects to update: Analyze your projects and identify the 40 projects that need updates. Write down the specific changes that need to be made.

    Manual update: For each project, open it in Pipedrive and manually make the necessary changes based on the updated template. This may include adding or updating tasks, milestones, notes, or any other project-specific information.

    Once the changes have been made, save them to the project and close it.

    Repeat this process for all 40 projects that need updates.

    While this process may take some time, it ensures that each project is updated with the specific changes you want to apply and allows you to customize it for each specific project.

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    Hello -- auto-updating projects based on template updates is also something my company really needs as we have way too many projects to be constantly manually updating. Is this on the backlog @Mykola Zhuk

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    Yes, many project management platforms offer features for updating multiple projects at once. Check if your platform supports bulk editing or updating templates. Alternatively, you can manually apply the changes to each project or consider automating the process through custom scripts or integrations if your platform allows it.