Research: Looking for feedback 'Priority Labels' on Activities

Vincent Jyrwa
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Hi Pipedrive users,

We’re looking for some quick feedback and reactions from you on an improvement on Activities that we’re researching - ‘Priority labels’. Our goal is to help sales reps mark the most important activities and not lose sight of them.

What we’d like to hear from you:

  1. How do you prioritize your activities in a day?
  2. Have a look at both versions below with subtle design differences and let us know your preference and why?
  3. Where else would you like to see priority labels on activities?
  4. Feel free to add anything else you'd like to on this topic:

Version 1:

Version 2:

Thank you!


  • BeccaT
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    We would like Version 2 - the drop down and the priority level to show in the task list.

    We would also recommend enhancing the notifications feature as our staff would be better able to prioritize their actions utilizing existing info already on the boards, if it was clearer for them to see when other staff had updated (and what they had updated) with links direct to the board.

  • Alex Stueber
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    Both are fine. It depends how it looks like when one of the priorities are filled in.

    I think visually the Version 1 is best, but would like to see one activity with the priority visible to see the differences between the two.

  • Purnima
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    We would like version 2 as well.

    Could we make the colours a little better? High Medium Low is standard so Red Amber Green so make them brighter. I don't think blue works at all.

    I would like the activities coloured on the calendar please so that the activity bar is Red block white text, or Amber Block , black text, Green block white text.

    That will make it easy to read on the calendar.

    On the list view or the drop down, I would suggest not using he icons but make them the same as when we have labels. That way they look the same in the list view. That would be nicer than the view you have now.

    We also need activities that are not completed to show on the calendar on the current day with some form of flag or indicator to show that it is outstanding. We may sometimes sacrifice an activity on the day, move to the following week and unless we go to list mode do not see the overdue tasks.


  • Erwin Cammelbeeck
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    I think version 1 is the best. You don't have an extra field or an extra button. It is simple and we love simple solutions.

  • Purnima
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    I like version 2

    Please can we have it look more like a label rather than with any icons as per this version as this is consistent with labels.

    I would prefer better colours and make them Red, Amber (Yellow), Green with the following colour combination, Red block, white text, Yellow block, black text, Green block white text. Please don't use blue, it isn't a great colour.  

    I would like the item in the calendar to have the same colour as the priority please. We can see the label on the list view so I think a colour indicator will be really helpful.

    Please can we also have any items not completed shown on the calendar on the current day with some other indicator such as a dashed line as you can only see those if you go to the list view and knowing there are outstanding activities is useful.


  • David Štefanko
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    For sake of UI simplicity, please, version 1.

  • MC
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    @Vincent Jyrwa I like Version 1 best. Simplest, doesn't use up vertical screen real estate.

  • Today we use an activity type as "Prioritized call", so this could be an improvement for removing one of those and simplify.

    Furhter I think the priority are more connected to Activty than time so Version 1 is better where you have it there or even better as an option on the same line as Activit type. Then it becomes clear they are more connected and you save a space consutim linte htats used in Version 2.