Reverting to old UI/Requesting change to new UI

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Today I have been swapped me to the new UI, and I am wanting to revert to the old UI.

The specific reason that I want to revert is that I use the Documents tab to generate PDF files that use the customer data fields.

When sending an email, I will often link these generated documents within the email as hyperlinks or add them as attachments.

With the new UI, if you click the Documents tab, and then click back onto the Email tab the draft email that you were writing disappears. You instead have to scroll down the page, find the draft email and click Edit Draft. This is frustrating, as I am sending lots of these emails with links and it really slows down the process for me.

Additionally, there are a number of posts regarding the automations of Sales Docs, such as this one that I created a while ago:

Feature Request: Automated Sales Document Creation — Pipedrive Community

It seems to be a commonly requested feature.

I would love to know:

  1. Can I revert back to the old UI easily?
  2. Are there plans to have the draft retained in the email tab and not disappear?
  3. Are there any plans to address Sales Doc Automation requests?


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    Hi @konradjob,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the updated detail view. While we can unfortunately no longer revert this view, our Product and Development teams are working hard to improve it so I will forward this feedback to them internally. At the moment this is indeed expected behavior and I do not see any plans to change this but I will pass along how this has impacted your work.

    I also wanted to send you the article on our knowledge base that you can check for further insights on how to use the new detail view which can be helpful, you can see it here!

    Sadly the Smart Docs feature does not yet function within our automation tool, thank you for submitting that feedback, the more upvotes a feature request gets, the more likely it is to be considered as a new feature and added to our roadmap in the future! I hope this helps a bit to confirm your questions 🙂

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