Workflow with Teams Channel Integration - Tagging in Card

I recently integrated Pipedrive with a Microsoft Teams Channel to share by a push notification when deals are won and who by.

Is there an option in this Pipedrive card to also tag the account owner/sales person in the card?

Here is the current Workflow Action.


  • Sophie
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    Hi @Chris.Potter!

    Where do you store this account owner/sales person data in your account? Is it the deal owner or are you looking for another field to add? If you want to take a closer look into this 1-1 we recommend reaching out to our support team via email or in-app chat so we can take a look into this specific automation with you with more context! Thank you!

  • Chris.Potter
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    Hi @Sophie - thanks for coming back on this. The "Deal owner" is the user (sales person) that the deal is assigned to (either by creating it themselves or by the deal being reassigned). In most cases the user's email is the same as their primary work email (there's a few odd ones out but that can be dealt with later internally).