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We have partners whose sales teams are inputting digits other than just numbers into phone number fields.

This not only effects data quality but it prevents VOIP phones from calling the number.

It would seem sensible to add some verification to the phone number field that it is, in fact a phone number.

As a starter we could simply prevent letters/symbols being added to a phone number field...

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  • Jesminnovak
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    It's a game-changer for businesses, ensuring they're reaching out to the right folks. But let's face it, with the plethora of formats and variations, it's a real challenge. Personally, I've found that using a combination of regex and third-party services can do the trick, but it's always evolving. As for the question at hand, I believe a robust validation system not only enhances data accuracy but also streamlines communication, ultimately boosting productivity. Oh, and if you're keen on diving deeper into this topic, visit this website for some valuable resources.

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    I prefer no validation, because I like the ease of just copy/pasting a phone number however it appears in an email or a resume or a blog page.

    Sometimes I have to use Hubspot, and I always curse and swear when entering phone numbers on the Hubspot platform. Their validation and that stupid drop down for country codes, those things just get my blood pressure up each time I am forced to use them.