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Nathan Thompson
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I think email triggers would be very useful in Pipedrive - for instance, when an email is bcc'd into Pipedrive (with a quote attached or similar), it creates a new deal against that contact. 

This would save a lot of time adding a deal and automate the creation of deals. The workflow automation could then create a call to follow up the deal, with all the info needed included in the contact history.


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    Hey @Nathan Thompson  our users echoed what you said, which is why we built these triggers in Outplay to automatically create deals in Pipedrive and remind you to follow up with call notes!

    Let's say you want to create a deal automatically when you receive a reply. Click two buttons and its done -

    Automatically create deals in Pipedrive

    Want to remind yourself to followup via call? Done -

    Set call reminders to followup with your hot prospects!

    Your trigger looks like this -

    Create automatic triggers on Outplay to save your time 

    I did all this in under 5 minutes. You can try these triggers yourself by installing Outplay (for free) from the Pipedrive marketplace -

  • Lakshmi Badrinarayanan
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    Hey @Nathan Thompson ,

    I can see what you are trying to automate here and it's quite an easy task if you're a Klenty + Pipedrive user.

    Klenty is an email automation tool helping sales teams send personalized emails and automate follow-up at scale. It has native integration with Pipedrive with which you can create automated workflows to save your time. Using Klenty's Triggers and Actions, you can sync all your email engagement like opens, clicks, replies, etc. to Pipedrive.

    For example, in your case, you can create a deal in Pipedrive if someone has replied to your email.



    I hope this helps you. Feel free to ask your queries - would be happy to help.


  • Nick Berry
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    If you don't want to use Outplay (which looks really cool). I would use a combo of zapier and workflow automations to accomplish this.

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    Hi, Given that this was two years ago, has Pipedrive developed a solution for this?

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