Is it possible to specify a default field value (input)?

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Hi everyone

Is it possible to specify a default field value (input)?

For example, if we had a field called Estimated Return to Creditors, can we have that field always auto-populate with the likely/standard scenario (e.g. 0.2**)

This way our users don't have to manually type it in each time, but can edit that value in the 1 out of 10 times that this number differs.

Hope that makes sense!

(**Re the "0.2" — that is, in this field example, 20% — I'd love Pipedrive to add a field type for Percentages, but that's another topic here.)

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  • Axel Depierre
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    Hi @MC ,

    You can do that by creating an automation :

    Trigger :

    Person (or Deal/Lead) Created

    Action :

    Update said Person (or DealLead) field => Select your Custom field => Value to 0.2

    Does that answer your need ?