Better Brand Visibility with Scheduling and Contracts

Hi Pipe Drive,

I think your CRM is a very nice product and one of the easiest CRM I've found to use, but currently, I believe you are missing a pretty big mark for some businesses here - The idea of having an all-in-one effortlessly.

Currently, I'm using Square for payments, contracts and appointments. Predominately, Square offers a better interface, more payment options (than Quickbooks), and more customer features like a loyalty program and gift cards. I'm then feeding this into Pipedrive as my CRM.

I'm not using your contracts and appointments because of how chunky and unprofessional the interface is for clients.

  • No ability for custom branding. To compete with other software like Square Appointments and Calendly, you need to allow us to edit colours and text and add our logo.
  • When removing Pipedrive branding, the contract email feels incomplete.
  • The contracts feature is not user-friendly for mobile users, and honestly, I dislike the default font clients use when signing the form (though this is obviously not that important).
  • We also really shouldn't have the extra step where we have to "request signatures". By creating a template, I should be able to send clients that template, having signature requirements already built in. I don't understand why a CRM system would add this extra administrative step.
  • On a side note, I would love to be able to integrate Square without Zapier. Cut out the middle man. This should already have been possible with Stripe for most users, considering every other CRM alternative worth considering allows this.

I'd like to use this product long-term, and they are the key features I believe would make a difference for me in the future. With these features, I would confidently use Pipedrive as my business progresses over the next few years. I would love to be able to use Pipedrive exclusively with Square as my payment system but use both your contract and scheduler features. but I can't risk brand identity with the limitations it has currently.

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