Add a Snooze Email function to Sales Inbox

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Hi Pipedrive team!

Please add a Snooze Email function to Sales Inbox.

This is a brilliant feature that is now standard in email clients such as Gmail and Outlook.

It allows the user to choose a time interval (Later today, Tomorrow, This weekend, Next week) or select a Date & Time for when the email should reappear in their inbox as unread.

In the meantime, it's out of sight and reduces the visual and mental clutter for the user.

When the email resurfaces after the Snooze period, a little snooze icon (e.g. an alarm clock) is displayed next to the subject to denote it's not a brand-new email, but a Snoozed email, returned to the inbox.

Pipedrive's "Sales Inbox" is still in its infancy and needs to evolve to have the usual / expected array of features in an email inbox, and a Snooze feature would contribute to that.



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