TimeLine feature for Projects.

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Pipedrive CRM user for Sales Tracking but New to the Community.

I'm familiar w Gantt charts, not Kanban. Is there an easy and inexpensive workaround...Make)?

If not, I will try hard to like it and avoid the temptation to use Notion for free.

Thanks in advance for yr comments.

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @BillC 👋

    Indeed we don't currently have a timeline view in our Projects add-on. I honestly think this would be a great addition to the tool - please share this in the "Ideas and Product Feedback" section so that other users can upvote that feature request.

    The fact is we don't have that option, but if you prefer to maybe check out a list view option, we do have that. So you can toggle between the Kanban view and a list view - hopefully, it will just offer another way of working, but please do share the feedback in the other section!


  • hbpasley
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    I am 100% percent behind Timeline tracking for Projects. We need it.

    I just had to create a goofy workaround trying to show timeline for aging won deals. Not great.

    I am formally requesting upgrading any of the great features that are focused only on Deals to include Projects. For those of us managing complex deals and sales cycles, I think it is an absolute, mission critical MUST have.

    For us Projects is not an "add on" it is the reason we pay for this CRM.

    Thank you!

  • TX Wildman
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    I too think that a timeline view is ESSENTIAL for anyone in project management which I can only assume those would be the main people targeted for a "projects" module🤔