Analytics/reports on organisation level

Raphael Fässler
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Is there a chance to generate reports/dashboard analytics not only on deal-level but as well on the level of the organisation? this seems to be essential to get the full spectrum. From what I see now, there is only the option to generate reports based on the fields on the deal...


  • Xavier Bottou
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    Hi ! I'm also interested in this topic. Raphael, have you found a solution ?

  • Raphael Fässler
    Raphael Fässler Member Posts: 2
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    unfortunately not - we are moving all information on the deal-level for now. but it's a massive pain to duplicate all the information.

  • scalandocorp
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    We need Org level info in the reports. I need to break my pipeline down on verticals which we capture under the org level and not on the deal level. 


    Please fix!!


  • Luis Granados
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    Has there been an update to this?  My experience has been mostly in Salesforce but seems to have holes in the process in Pipedrive... This should be a basic part of reporting. Do we know if something like this is coming otherwise I will need to find another system to use for our company?