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because we have big problems with Junk-Detection on Outlook.com Accounts i did a test with mail-tester.com

There is one issue that the image/logo in the e-mail signature is not having an ALT Attribute.

<img width="400" height="113" style="width:400px; height:113px;" src="BlaBla..."/>

Mail-Tester suggests instead of have NO alt attribute it would be better to have an empty one.

This is a known issue for newsletter-tools since a long time, so why is Pipedrive not doing it this way?

Is there any solution to fix it on our own?


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    Hi @jp7980 ,

    Unfortunately, Pipedrive does not currently support HTML email signatures. When they are copied into Pipedrive from elsewhere, depending on the receiving email providers they can read them differently and they can look different (colors, size, spacing, etc.).

    What we recommend in this case is to create the signature directly from within Pipedrive. However, there is an alternative way that you can try to copy your HTML signature into Pipedrive. 

    You can try copying the HTML code into this HTML editor: https://html-online.com/editor/ (or create it directly on the editor). Then copy and paste the signature from the left-hand side into your signature into Pipedrive. If you would like you can also check the video below with all of the steps. Please note that this may take some trial and error, and you still may not get your signature to appear exactly as you would like.

    Our team is hoping to develop the ability to accept copied and pasted HTML signatures in the future, but for the moment you will need to recreate the signature directly in Pipedrive or try the alternative HTML editor mentioned above.

    I would be happy to forward this feedback along to our product team internally! I can understand how implementing this workaround to a known issue with newsletters would be beneficial. Thank you!