Add a 'Fillable PDF' template type to Smart Docs

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In our business—we are an insolvency and business restructuring accounting firm—we enter client data into many different government PDF forms for each client engagement and then send these pre-filled PDFs to clients for signing.

It would be super-efficient if Pipedrive added to the Smart Docs functionality a template type called Fillable PDF.

It would be great if this could then work like Jotform's Smart PDF Forms feature where the user can:

  • upload a government PDF form as the basis for a PDF template
  • drag and drop field placeholders onto the PDF for the document merge process (e.g. Company Name, Director Name etc.)
  • save that PDF form with the merge field overlay as a template Fillable PDF
  • select that Fillable PDF template as a Smart Doc template

Any workarounds?

In the meantime... if anyone has a suggestion for a workaround to achieve this objective of using Pipedrive to quickly populate PDF forms, that would be greatly appreciated!

(I have worked out how we can achieve this via the Jotform interface, but that doing it this way would introduce another user interface for our staff (yet another app to use) and I want to avoid this — I want to give staff the ability to create every email, document, spreadsheet and pre-populated PDF form they need solely via the Pipedrive interface.

Would the integration with DocuSign facilitate what I want to achieve here?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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