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It would be great if we can add labels or hidden information (campaign / leadsource) to different Webforms.

Now only the information that is given bij the customer filled in with a webform is used in a deal or lead. But it can be very usefull to add hidden fields per webform, for example if a customer is using a webform for a specific campaign, you want to add the label of the campaign to the lead. Now we need to make automations, based on the title to fill in this kind of stuff. But it would be super helpfull if you can directly set it up in the webform. Different customers are using this and would be helpfull for them.

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    Agreed. The webforms could use a boost in capabilities. I would love to be able to use them to update information within a deal, rather than create a whole new deal. Also things like conditional logic on fields, and being able to add custom merge tags would make these much more useful in a pipeline. Any plans to expand on this?