Under "Deals List" ADD to column our "Deal Notes"

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When scrolling down your "Deals List", you can't see the "extra" Notes from each of your Deals.

You can add "Person/Contact Notes" to the "Deals List" column, but that does NOT help when you're trying to close a very specific Deal. You need to always see the specific "Deals Note" at a glaze that are related to the Deal from the "Deals List" as you scroll down. Help remind and stay on top of it.

Maybe use the latest Deal Pin Notes or earmark for the Deals List column, but we need to see something as "extra notes" on the Deals List section. Can't run blind on notes on Deals List.

Add second Save button called "Save & Add To Deals List"

Add to Deals List?

Just a brief suggestion, but allow us to leave our important notes to see on the "Deals List".

Please can we treat this as URGENT!

Please help vote on this below.

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