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Pamela Miller
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I’ve set up a lead email automation, so that new leads added with the label ‘New Lead’ goes into a 3 email automation with delays, only receiving email 2 and 3 if they don’t reply.

However, upon testing this on myself, I can see that me being sent the email didn’t track on the lead (despite selecting the track opens and clicks on set up), nor did me opening it. It was only when I got a notification that I’d opened it and I linked the opening to the lead that it pulled through.

  1. Have I set this up wrong?
  2. Shouldn’t the system automatically be logging sent emails and opens/clicks etc against the contact and/or associated lead record, without me manually linking it?
  3. Also, how do I know where that lead is on the email workflow or how to unroll them manually? This is quite important so I know when to kill the lead off if they never reply, or to decide to intervene via phone calls.

Only a few days into the system, so has me stumped.

I contacted support, but the 'chat with us' robot went round in circles and the support email went unanswered. Is this standard for Pipedrive?


  • Cejih Yung
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    Hi Pam, I’m happy to provide some live support if that would be helpful. Feel free to email me and we can setup a walkthrough:

  • Pamela Miller
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    That's really kind of you @Cejih Yung, but given the lack of direct support from Pipedrive, we've decided to not to proceed with the system.

    Shame as the system itself was perfect, but without a contactable support team it's a hard no.

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